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La Ca’ del Puldin comes from wanting to enhance the traditional country origin that has characterized our territory.

Our great-grandparents lived in an economic, social and cultural context very different from the present, in a historical period of transition;

The house was entirely built by his great-grandfather Leopoldo (the diminutive “Puldin”, recalling the dialect) , that he’s a farmer, born, lived and originally from Albiolo around the end of 1800, that with the cart and the horse has procured a building material locally known as “Moltrasio stones” just because it can be found at Moltrasio, village on Lake Como.


Despite the past years, the building remains almost unchanged in its original form and, at the death of Leopoldo, is handed down to his sons Romilda, Isolina, Maria and Giovanni. Uncle Giovanni (“Giuanin”) will keep it in time.

Subsequently, to keep the structure in the family, a few years ago we bought the main part of the structure in memory of our grandparents and great-grandparents as grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Today it has been decided to start and continue this new activity characterized by simplicity and rurality.


With a wish for a good stay,

Chiara & Alberto


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