Local Event & Fair (general information)

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Fiera di San Martino (Feast of Saint Martin)

Livestock fair with cattle exhibition, local gastronomy and animal exhibition in general.

It is also possible to buy gastronomic products.

The fair is organized around 11-12 November annually.


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Organiser: ProLoco Albiolo

( The Pro Loco are local associations, created with the aim of promoting and enhancing the territory.)


Festa di Sant’Anna (Feast of Saint Anne)

Festival dedicated to the homonymous church of Albiolo; there are stalls, liturgies at the church and evening fireworks.

During the pre-party period, in the evening, you can have fun on the rides annually present.

Fair organized for Sant’Anna

Risultati immagini per chiesa sant'anna albiolo

(Town: Albiolo)




Beer festival with on-site cooking and musical tributes.


Organized towards the end of May / beginning of June.

Organiser: ORAL Albiolo

(Town: Albiolo)

Sagra della Patata e dei prodotti d’inverno           (Potato Festival and winter products)

Festival characterized by the sale of winter products.

Risultati immagini per proloco cagno

Organized towards the end of October.

Organiser: ProLoco Cagno

(Town: Solbiate con Cagno)

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